New Inclinations


I’ve only had this game for a few days, and I’m already obsessed with hacking it. Here’s a few new inclinations. They’re a little generic, but hopefully useful to some of you.

New Inclinations:

Armor Proficiency —You may wear the next heaviest form of armor than you currently have access to without having to take a bane to all your actions. This reduces the target of your Saves against Wounds by 1.

Dabbler —Gain access to one of the traits from a Hero Path other than your own.

Go Limp —You have a boon when making Miraculous saves.

Grass-Fed —Gain an extra strike.

Knightly Training —You have a boon to chivalric combat and courtly matters.

Shield Proficiency —You may utilize a shield without having to take a bane to your actions. This reduces the Target of your Saves against Wounds by 1.


I love this. Like I’ve said in your previous post, I’ve been looking for EZD6 home-brew stuff.
This is good stuff.
Question: What do you mean by chilvalric combat? Does that mean jousting and stuff?


These are great! Excellent job!

And if I may put words in your mouth, I expect chivalric combat would be things like jousts, duels, judicial combat, and tournament events.


That was the general intent. In keeping with the spirit of the game, I left it open-ended to provoke imagination for RRs and PSs to decide at the table.