New EZD6 Hero Path: The Fool



The Fool

An innocent thrust into adventure, relying on a combination of luck and destiny to beat the odds.

health: 2 strikes
armor: none (no armor saves), Fool’s Luck (miraculous save at +4)
boon: escaping, games of chance
Destined for Greatness : Fools begin play with 7 karma and 3 hero dice! Can’t be combined with Born Blessed or Fate Touched.
Better Lucky than Good : gains double karma on a failure resulting from a 1.
Shield of Fortune : the Fool can spend karma to lower RR’s rolls, or use their hero dice to force the RR to re-roll.
Butter-fingers : the Fool always rolls a bane in attack rolls; the Fool cannot take the fighter or marksman inclinations.
Take A Fall: the Fool may dodge one attack per round by falling prone.


I’m adding an ability a little bit like the Rascal’s Tricks, but more in keeping with the spirit of the path.


That’s an interesting new class. Take a hero die. :game_die: