Need memory jogged on these basic loot/spell cards


Greetings friends! I’m hoping some of the seasoned ICRPG players can help me remember something. I was going through some of my old ICRPG resources and files and came across a ICRPG_Basic_Loot_Cards.pdf file. Based on timestamps, I’ve had this since 2018.

I don’t recall how I even got this file, but here’s what I’m trying to understand… refer to the image. In addition to LOOT, there are also spells. In addition to the name, type, and effect of the spell, there is a heart at bottom center as well as a STAT and TARGET pairing. What does the number in the heart and the stat/target pair mean? Does the spell require passing an INT check against a target of 10 to be successful? If successful, does the spell also heal 1 HP?

Thanks in advance!



That’s a throwback to 1e ICRPG. Originally when you found a spell as loot you had to learn the spell. The card you posted needed an INT roll against target 10 with 1 heart of effort to learn it. This was dropped in ICRPG Core, but totally still usable if it works for you and your table.


Ah… 1E seems like forever ago… :wink: That makes perfect sense–especially with it being a loot card.

I’m running ICRPG: Warp Shell at my FLGS for free RPG day tomorrow, and I am building a Fragment class as one of the pre-generated characters (wish that class had stayed in ICRPG: ME). I was thinking about using these spell loot cards for the Fragment player’s use, but I’ll probably create some cards more in line with the 2019 ICRPG Magic supplement.

Thanks for the reminder, Joe!


Most welcome, man. :shield:
And just in case you need them, here’s the original post from the dude that made that set of cards. He also has a template available in the post too.


If you like the Fragment, I shared a version in the Master Edition format here: The Fragment Character Type for Master Edition

You could customize it to fit your needs or just use the Core version. Nothing wrong with that :wink:


Kane, you’re a legend. I was always intrigued by the Fragment type, and I’m for sure running with your version in the future.