Need a new group for EZD6 Game



Hey Shields,

I’d like to run a short 6-12 session(maybe more if it’s going good) EZD6 game in Alfheim. Specifics on time and start date depend on interest. The only time I’m not available for sure is Thursday evenings as I’m playing in a game with JDHull.

If you’re down, reply to this thread or dm me on discord at nrod0784(king_w00k)#9980. Skal!


that sounds really interesting to me! i havent had a chance to buy EZd6 yet and would love to try it out before im able to if there is still room!


Yep have room for one more at least. Dm me on discord and I’ll get you in the server.



Still room for one more player. Cheers! Games start next Weds evening 6:30pm cst going weekly for 6-12 sessions. Let me know!


Game is full up now. Cheers!