Need a fantasy train car?



Ahoy there!
In the Discord chat we had a member of the shield wall who was looking for a train car for their vtt, so I drew one up and hoped it would be what they needed. :smiley:


Feel free to download and use. The floor is 15’x60’, so when you align it to a grid the walls will extend beyond for the perspective. :slight_smile:


Nice job, looks great!


Very well! And a very cool look!


Really nice artwork, inspires a lot of ideas for an adventure.


2 days ago, 2-Minute Tabletop did a train workup and I mentioned you had made this passenger car in the comments, hopefully you get some traffic from it :fist_right::fist_left:
Also, I don’t know if you can or not, but if you PDF your stuff so it prints out correctly (with optional grids), I’d snatch it up and print it out for my table. I’d also like to print some of your sci-fi maps and APOC stuff. Just a thought.


Whoa! Thanks for the mention!
I’d have to rework stuff to be optimized for the tabletop, but printable dungeons would be a blast too. I’ll have lots rolling out as soon as I get my website up, so stay in touch! :smiley: