Naturalist - A Character Type



I am new to ICRPG, and I think it is what I have always wanted from D&D, but never got. The best thing about it is how easy it is to homebrew things!
I have made a Custom Character type for my game at home, as one of my players, the Naturalist Character type:

I hope it is interesting!

Repository: Character Types
Repository: Character Types

Welcome to the shield wall!!!


Thank you! This is quite frankly one of the best TTRPG Communities I have ever seen!


That’s kind of how we view it. There are very few sharp elbows around here and lots of fun, creative folks.


Hey welcome, enjoy your time around, make sure to check out all the interesting stuff here in the forums and the community site!

Your type seems so chill to play I like it. It feels like really cool headed or creative characters could be made from it.


Welcome to the wall!


Welcome! I like what you did there, it’s definitely interesting and something that I may use in my campaigns. I really like your starting loot! The Pocket Bestiary is excellent.

Great work, and again… WELCOME!


Welcome!Your custom character looks like a good option for a less-combat focused player.