Narrative Actions & Loot



A wild hair from the other night – just putting it out there.


This look really cool! Have you played with this yet? And what has come out of it?


Not specifically in this fashion, but I have a table of prompts that a player rolls on during a rest, and we would all learn a bit about them that way. It was generally a lot of fun for everyone and give me something to reference later. However, it happened a little too infrequently (about once every 3 session), and it was confined to the inn/tavern/camp. With this, you could tie it in to the current goings-on of the adventure and get more dramatic responses and has more flexibility. Kinda functions as a character “close up” or “flashback” or just a way to accent a particular action or item.


Yeah, I can see the advantages! I’ll try to implement this in a game I’m planning to run! Thanks!


Such a cool idea; if you’re running in RUNEJAMMER this summer, you should definitely include some of this spice!


Really like this. It’s a great way to pull players into creating a bit of lore for the party.