Mythic Con 2023 in Charlotte


Just wanted to pop on here and say it was awesome to meet @Runehammer, @Alex, @DM_Scotty, and Baron de Ropp Saturday at Mythic Con. You guys are great, made my daughters (and mine) first con visit really special. Hope our paths cross again in the future!



It was really amazing meeting you and your daughter at the convention! I hope you got in some great games while you were there.

One of our players on Saturday night said her dad had been bringing her to conventions since she was 9 years old. She is 31 now! I have to say, I bet her RPG knowledge is beyond even grognard level now, and it made me think of you and your daughter. I hope the two of you enjoy many more years of RPG goodness in store, and I hope to see you both again next year!


I totally second what @Alex said. It’s awesome to be that young and starting in the hobby with a parent who is also interested to foster that storyteller and game designer in their child. Look forward to seeing the RPG inoculation take and grow into a next-generation powerhouse of gaming!