My WINK World, So Far...



So I’m a big fan of ICRPG and bought the Master Edition some time ago, even mange to run a short adventure of Ghost Mountain which was pretty fun but I’ve had the need to run a post apocalypse setting for a long time!
Then, I found World is Not Kind (WINK) and I’ve been going nuts world building, writing, creating, all the good stuff putting down every idea that comes to mind.
With that said, I’d like to share some of the pages I’ve created.



Super awesome! It’s always great to see an ICRPG fan, and The Waste Is Not Kind is awesome!


Cool. I’ve been working on a old school Gamma World classic clone myself. I’ve done this before using things like maze rats and cairn, but ICRPG is making things a lot easier. The mechs/vehicles chunks idea is far better for robots, and EFFORT is a (i think) better solution than the Artifact Charts and endless die rolling.

I look forward to seeing more of your efforts here.


Thank you! I was totally thrilled to have found WINK but, now, I gotta figure out Mutations for players along with some other mechanics I want to add in such as Thirst/ Hunger, Radiation, and Weather!


I’d like to see that Gamma World clone, personally, as I got hooked on it when the last edition came out but wasn’t able to figure out TTRPGs at the time and I wasn’t a fan of the cards.
I have a few mechanics here I’m trying to work on with adding some flavor to the world and I printed out a hex grid to create a map of the area.
Definitely gonna post more when I make it


Those pages are gorgeous, man! Awesome work!


I just ran a game in the Waste and included Radiation. I don’t know if it matches with what you’re aiming for, but this is how I ran it.

Radiation in the Waste

Radiation zones are highly dangerous places with the following effects:

  1. Raise the TARGET by 1 each ROUND
  2. Gain 1 ADR each ROUND
  3. Reduce HP by 1 each ROUND

If DYING in a Radiation Zone, you can only be stabilized with a Nat 20, a MIRACLE, or specialized equipment


That would actually be REALLY good to use for my campaign but I also thought about adding a radiation counter.
Ex. The more you traverse or get into radiation (willfully eating/drinking irradiated stuff and failing a roll to avoid) then you would get a counter/notch in radiation to a point where your either poisoned OR gain a mutation.
Mutations, btw, would be permanent and ,though, can help the user it would also cause a disadvantage.


This isn’t ICRPG, but might work for some inspiration. This is how I handled radiation in my game Mutation RPG.
I’m looking forward to hearing more about your world. :metal:


I would also point out that if you are looking for a ton of interesting mutations, you really should check out Mutation. lol


To be fair though, I only wrote 36 mutations for the game. Appreciate the shout-out, my friend. :shield:

FYI, all the mutations are included in free quick start. :grin::coffee:


Yeah that’s freaking excellent for what I’m looking at PLUS it has “Hot Winds” for weather.
Note: My weather will include Cold, Heat Wave, Decent, Rain Storm and Acid Rain. Along with the aforementioned Hot Wind.
I might have to buy your PDF to eyeball the Mutation charts and work with those lol


They’re in the free quick start, no need to buy anything. :blush:

(I am a terrible salesman :joy:)


Loving the Mutations and I see you have Psyker powers, I’m gonna look into those but I also have Altered State which includes Psykers as well. I’ve been eyeballing “Other Dust” which is an old Stars Without Numbers book. It, too, includes Radiation, Food/Hunger, and Mutations. Yours are easier though lol


I bought the first Gamma World box when it came out… 84? I thought it was the shizz, and I wanted to get a game going so bad. But, alas AD&D was all the rage and no one I knew was up for a sci-fi rpg. I sure wish I had kept that old game!! It’s like all those silver age comics I don’t have anymore. Yep, old guy. And now here I am in my late 50s playing ICRPG - the shizz


Saw there was a remake of Gamma World, a specific edition I believe, but, like all good things, they wanted about $100+ for it.
Was not worth it.
Also, if you like Gamma World and WINK, someone made an official Bunkers and Badasses from the world of Border/Wonder Lands.
Wanted to throw that out there :laughing:


I would love to see you Gamma World clone when finished; as well as the ones you created for Maze Rats and Cairn.