My take on encounter design



Hey guys, here is my latest on Adventure making stuffs.


I think your videos are getting better, high five :raised_hand:t3: If I may suggest something, I’d like to see more things like writing what your talking about on some kind of overlay, or maybe even animating a stick figure to do or act on what your saying.


I will see what I can do, brother! :metal::sunglasses:


Lol use a whiteboard! :wink: or classic Runehammerian hanging paper notes xD
At least that’s my take on using visual representation.
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My constructive feedback is the the music could be a little softer (or non existent).

This tends to bother me more than many but I was trying to concentrate on your points but the music was distracting.


I’ll see about being a little more selective about where I drop music in.:+1:


Nice work! Good lighting, good audio quality (though I’ll second the request for no music overlay).

It looks like you are looking to your right frequently, which I found distracting. Are you looking at notes? If so, maybe try putting them under or over your camera, so that you can look more directly at the camera (and therefore the audience).


Yea… I have a bad habit of looking at my cameras monitor instead of the center of the lens.


Hey just wanted to say just in case you might take all this feedback as a negative, that you have got a good base to build on keep up the good work.


Thanks, brother!
I can definitely tell an improvement from my early, early uploads.