My ICRPG Universe


Last year when I first got my ICRPG 2E Core book and then further when purchasing ICRPG WORLDS and then MAGIC, I noticed a lot of things referencing to “Azatoth”. I decided I wanted to create my own ICRPG ‘Universe’ per say to set my games in. Recently, I’ve developed a bit of backstory to my ICRPG multiverse and gods and whatnot.
I first decided that I wanted each plane of existence to have been created by so called “Creators”. These are formless, timeless beings from who knows where and have been around creatin’ things for who knows how long. I decided the largest and most expansive plane, the Material Plane was created by a being called Azatoth. It’s “brother” and “sister” (I’m doing quotes because they are genderless-god-beings) went on to create the Hell and the Astral plane.
Lucifer (Hell’s creator) went on vying for power and invaded Pyros and the Shifting Sands in a thousand year war. However, in the material plane, over a millennia, Azatoth’s children, or “gods” and “goddesses” eventually turned on Azatoth and destroyed it in a final battle.
Now, in my universe, the players are currently in Alfheim, and a world war between Grey, Nordheim, Khett and Kath is about to begin. To make matters worse, Azatoth’s general, The Petitioner has escaped from her prison on Splinter and is gathering the 9 shards that Azatoths being was trapped inside of.
I’m currently working on weaving all my campaigns/adventures I do into this overarching story, just thought I’d bring my ideas to the table if anyone wanted to steal/be inspired by them. Sorry for writing a novel!!


Very cool!!!

I try to avoid where the campaign is going, and keep in mind what is going on in the world as the players explore their tiny bit of it. Players go into all sorts of odd and weird places. Every time I have a “great story arc” planned it goes sideways. TPKs, party betrayal, so on and so forth.

But the concepts are totally solid. I really need to make a pantheon one day…not my current focus though.
Liber and Liberia, Discordia all have to figure prominently. After that I need some good guys and bad guys:-p


Yep, players always find a way to throw a wrench in something! I plan to use a lot of time stuff, alternate universes, paradoxes, etc, and one of my players is a time mage so it should fit in. Although that has the possibility to get overwhelming, so I’ll have to stop at some point. I’m not planning to force any ultimate storyline but definitely make players feel their actions in adventures/campaigns effect the worlds around them!


Very cool, I like it. I was thinking along similar lines for my own universe. Time will tell what will ultimately happen though.