My blog and updated link to my free content


As part of a relaxing outlet, I started a simple blog about gaming. A fan of everything, I have posts about ttrpg’s, board games, and video games with the intent of adding more as often as possible.


Free Content: Kindred Oath

Disclaimer: I am not a writer by trade so this is a practice project for myself. Whether anyone reads the content or not, I’m finding it to be a great experience and gets my mind thinking about more ideas.

I’m posting this here on the forums because there will be continued ICRPG content over time AND because this blog will always contain my most up to date links to my supplements for anyone who wants them.

Upcoming ttrpg content (edit)

  • creating character classes from inspired sources.
  • continuing my solo Alfheim quest.
  • recapping our current Phineas’ School of Fascinous (icrpg) house game.

End Note: if this doesn’t interest you, no worries! If it does and you want to discuss anything, just comment on the blog’s posts.

Thanks for reading!


Oh, wow ‘-’ Damn, Kindred, your stuff is so well made and organized! Thanks again for sharing.

I wanna be like you when I grow up.


Haha I may be a little OCD when it comes to organization. So that’s a big compliment to me LOL. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing, and indeed very clean ordering. Congrats on the blog content as well, it’s structure yet short enough to be very digest, I struggle to find content like that.


Thanks that means a lot! I tend to over write using too many words so I’m working on that.


I just added a blog post where I use my GM Assistant guides from DriveThruRPG to create a world from scratch. This was for my own use but it doubles as an example of how to use the guides.


What are you using to draw your maps?


I mainly use Photoshop nowadays.


I made a bunch of character classes inspired from different sources. I’ll also take requests if you have one in mind or maybe for an upcoming game.