Mutation RPG Core Rules


Hey folks!

After tons of work and wild delays it has finally arrived!

Mutation is live on DrivethruRPG and the PDF is available now! As soon as the proof copies arrive and get approved the POD will go live too. Warm up your D6’s and ride into the mutant west!


Whaaat? That’s awesome news! Congrats on getting this out, that’s a ton of work!


looking to get it soon as well as a few other things on my wishlist


Mwahahahaha!! :heart_eyes::sunglasses:
Coming soon in print.


Ooooh WOW! Looking really good man! It’s exciting to see it in book form, something to be proud of for sure.


Mutation RPG is now available in print!!!

Grab your favorite between PDF, softcover, or hardcover.
All prints have the PDF included at no extra cost!


Man, that’s super exciting, congrats!!!