More WarMaker Assets!


I’ve needed a break from RPG’ing for a while so I’ve been jumping back into WarMaker again. It made me pick back up my an early task of creating tokens. I went further and created terrain cards as well. Since the Index Card volumes are now available to everyone, I utilized their art for my terrain. Now I just draw a simple map and toss random terrain cards onto it before starting a battle. This OneDrive link contains the original WarMaker armies, but on small 1" tokens and terrain cards, separated by different themes. I hope someone gets some use out of these besides myself !!AnfnHpdtXMH-nAfL-2i9P87fpLpH?e=qskcHA

Here’s some example pictures:

Yes I used cheap penny sleeves for the terrain cards and plastic coin protectors for the tokens LOL.


Stay tuned, I may have other WarMaker projects in the works!


Thank you for mentioning plastic coin protectors! I was looking for something to put my tokens into! :heart:
And your work looks so good! Well done!


This is awesome! I love this concept! Certain enables me to play more without having to worry about finding 3d terrain all the time!

Could you provide a link to the penny sleeves and coin protectors you used?

– EDIT –

Looks like I could get something like this


No problem! And yes those would work great I believe. Here’s the 2 links I used:


It took me 1.5 packs of the protectors to do all the standard armies. Not sure about sleeves as I haven’t counted cards but I also figured people would print multiple copies of some sheets. For example, I provided like 3 copies of the forest card but if you have a large scale forest battle, you may print that a few more times.


Also, I’ve played two ways: one is tossing the cards onto table and that’s the whole map. Second is drawing a general outline of the map and then using the cards to help fill in terrain. The second is much more fulfilling but the first allows for easy portable play. I took it to a friends house and only needed the case of tokens, a deck box of the cards, and then a baggie of dice.