Monsters by Family



I have been looking for a ‘Monster Manual’ that helps for on-the-fly encounter building. What I have found is that they are all typically very verbose and organised alphabetically? Which is not helpful in a crunch.

I want my players to be able to go into a cave, in a forest area and I have all the monsters information right in front of me to build a logical and consistent encounter.

This is my proof of concept for one ‘family’ of creatures, which takes ideas from CORE, GM Grizzly and a few other areas. I have enabled comments on it, which you are welcome to leave.


Basically following the Mook, Enemy, Nemesis, Supreme format on a card. I can see printing these out and using them.


This is a great idea! Keep going… this would be a useful asset to all GM’s.


lol I was looking at a way to integrate this with the awesome GSRPG until I realized that was yours as well LMAO. Keep these going!

I think you can do something cool with Google Sheets as the DB using tags (forest, dungeon, sea, etc) and then use Google Script to pull that data in similar to how you got the die roller. I personally dont know a damn thing about how to go about doing that, but I bet some smart person does.

But as that @Shadymutha up there said, I can totally see these as printable cards!


Very nice, I like it. Long stat block depress me during a game. :slight_smile:


The Pathfinder monster manuals are pretty helpful with this type of thing, at the back of each book they have like a region index. Granted 0 stat blocks but might be helpful in a pinch.