Monster trinity



Posting again after my long absence. I’ve been trying to get back up to drawing board and ended up making a monster trinity to be used in icrpg. Now if I just get the images uploaded right…

First one is the boss monster, He Yrxin The Moon Cursed Martial-artist. This is from which it all begun and I’m pretty sure people can figure out where the inspirations came from.

Next is the minions, Wolf Wraith The Accursed Spirit. These were more of a drawing practise that took life of its own and ended up as thematic fit for the boss wolf.

And last but not least, Pot of Curses, The Trapped Mischief. Nemesis of all heroes who like to break pottery for shiny gems. xD

I hope you yall like them and please share criticue if you have any. And my apologies in advance, I might need to translate the text into written format to save yall from my horrible hand writing. xD


This is awesome, I love the martial arts style here! Thanks for sharing this with us.


Thank you. x3 I’m not terrific artist but I love to homebrew monsters and these turned out pretty well.