Monster Jam Session


I was wondering if there were a thread for monsters that are not in the book so we could community workshop some ideas if folks felt like it.

First suggestion “Fish Men” since Fish Men Attack is a hex crawl event and pretty damn evocative at that…

Would you re-skin an exiting monster, if so what?

If you are rolling your own, what are YOUR Fish Men like.


I had made three creatures for Waste is not Kind but I hadn’t given stats or attack. Kinda free from tbh.



1: The fishmen move to nearest target and either throw net or attempt a grapple.
2-5: The fishmen use their long spears/tridents to poke. Long reach, basic attrition.
6: The fishmen splatter slime on the floor. All near can only move half or fall down.

Just off the top of my head.