Modding the Hearts


I do love that ICRPG is easy to tweak if you know what you want.
I’m thinking of modding the hearts to 5 HP each and starting the heroes with 3 hearts, here’s why:

  1. I want gerblins to be mooks. I want there to be a 1/3 chance that they die in one weapon hit.
  2. I want the players squishy, but not so squishy they can’t change plans when facing Amagaroc the Detested.

Talk me out of it?


I’ realized that this will make a fight last longer and making things more fiddly. I was watching Hankerin again and he suggested 1hp for mooks.


BUT! it means when I award a character a heart (5hp), they don’t automatically outstrip everyone.
I guess I’ll change it back. This is a stream of consciousness thing, if you can’t tell.


Give a look at my post in one of your other thread! :v:


Monsters don’t follow the rules for players. Want weak monsters? Give them 1, 3, or 5 HP. Skip hearts altogether for monsters.

Hearts is an abstraction, a roll up of 10 HP to make an easy-to-use shortcut. But it’s not mandatory.

I regularly introduce monsters with 1 HP. Or even no defined HP, but “one hit” - any successful hit from a player will destroy the monster.

Hearts are for the big bads.


Try it out. You can always change it back if it doesn’t seem to work how you want it to.


I use 1 hit for small monsters, and 6 HP chunks instead of hearts because it lets me use d6s to track. That said, I also use armor as damage reduction, so the math is fairly similar to RAW for larger monsters.

So I would totally encourage you to go ahead with your changes, and 1/3 (which probably becomes more like 2/3 in game due to bonuses) sounds like a good chance for defeating weak, but not super weak, opponents.


GM and players are playing a different game!!!

You can express 5/10 goblins as 1 heart.
As such they can do D10 damage ~D2 damage as they diminish.

In some variety they are a “horde” but it depends on your flexibility as a GM. Not in the rules per say…but there for use.


I like a 5hp enemy. I like that a normal human in the street, or a weak enemy can die in one hit but not exactly every time.

I also start my players with 20hp because I don’t want to have 2 or 3 orcs attack, I throw a whole tribe at them.
They need the extra heat stone. Lol


someone mentioned something about fiddly… heheh :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the five-point heart idea. I think 3 hearts (15 points) is a bit much, but starting them at 2 (10 points) is solid.

A bonus is that you can track HP with d6s.