Micro-scale Junk'd Project



I’ve been working on a 6/10mm scale version of Junk’d that will play on a 12" x 12" board (6 x 2" segments).

Most of the metal cars and bikes in the pictures are from Microworld Games. The resin bus and two trucks are from Dropzone Commander and the large metal “hummer” scifi vehicle is from Alternative Armies (Bradley Miniatures). I’m going to add at least one more smaller truck (to play as Rally) and will start on the board soon. A few of the turrets and weapons are extra bits from GHQ 1/285 models.



Dang! Those are so super cool! I love the ram plate on the bus.


This set is amazing! And I love smaller miniatures. The longer I’m in the hobby, the more I appreciate 15mm or smaller stuff.


this is awesome! you should make some starships next! perfect size for space combat!


Did you ever finish this set of miniatures? I am looking into purchasing the MicroWorld minitures. Pictures would be great.


Hi, unfortunately, I never finished them. I did buy the latest semi-trucks from Microworld but haven’t assembled them yet either. Someday I will return to them. I was also going to also use them for Micro-Gaslands.