MG Specialist question



Hello there! I recently discovered ICRPG and I think it’ll be a great fit for my group. We’ve decided to start a Warp Shell campaign and I’m preparing some story notes and familiarizing myself with the setting and character options and I’m hoping to get some guidance for a few questions.

One of my players wants to make a heavy gunner and I’m not sure I understand the MG Specialist starting ability. It says “Attacks unleash 1D4 shots.” Does that mean one attack roll and 1d4 gun effort rolls, or 1d4 separate attack/effort rolls? My instinct is for it to be separate rolls.

Can the Burst Module’s effect (extra attack on a 15+ roll) chain indefinitely (assuming ideal rolls) or does it trigger only once per turn? I’d probably limit it to once per turn.

Also, is using a gun a Dex roll? He is eyeing the Plasteel Armor, but it says it makes Dex rolls always hard and I think that will hinder his ability to shoot.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions going forward, but I’m excited to get rolling with my group.


First of all, welcome to the shield wall!

We usually play with a single attack roll, and then you roll effort 1d4 times.

A lot of us play that the attacks can chain indefinitely, but feel free to make it trigger only once. If you are the DM, it’s your table. Make a ruling and move on.

Yes. Use Str for melee and Dex for ranged. If he wants to take the plasteel armor too, then that is a tradeoff, for sure.


You could also use a middle way, and allow the player to choose separate targets for the separate effort rolls if they are in the same direction / close to each other, like a spray of bullets. What counts as close would of course be up to your ruling.