Magic Weapons or Items in C&S?



With Crown & Skull being everything point-buy and super customizable, I didn’t see anything about Magical Items or Weapons being created.

Using some thoughts from Maze Rats and taking a Weapon and applying a Magical Effect to it with a limitation so it’s not just an OP non-magic wielding item.

I would start with the Basic Item costs. Upgrade as desired. Then take the base spell of touch if a melee weapon, then add in a couple Limitations: Duration and Must be Sustained.

Spend Hero Points as needed as you would buying weapons and spells. The idea is to make something a non-caster could use, but with severe limitations that do not invalidate the caster.

Please discuss!


You can also use gear upgrades with the idea that the upgrades are due t magic (also making it useful for any enemy who can only be harmed by magical weapons). For example, I created a ruby-hilted magic dagger that does d10 damage. It’s basically a dagger with three die upgrades (because of magic).


Sure, but if I want a Flaming Sword that then could smoot(?) a demon, or some other enemy, then magic would be key!


There’s definitely a bunch of awesome ways to do this. First and foremost, consult your group!

We have the Create spell which can make ANY object imbued with a base level spell. Then as per usual, slap a bunch of other effects like Duration and then some limitations to get the cost down.

You can also look for inspiration with the Holy Symbol on pg 84. The object you choose can gain 3 effects from that list, BUT why not tweak it and make it 3 of any spells? Just swap it back from Faith to Magic to cast them. :grin:


Yes. You literally can build magic items at character creation. Go nuts! We certainly did in our playtests.


Also, use the Enchant effect with Lasting for a spell and you can make magic items.


Not only this, but if your characters start of with equipment they hold dear to their heart (My Mother’s Blade), then you can have them find some magical components or other magic weapons and break them down to Hero Points for upgrading that specific piece of equipment. This prevents the whole

“My mother used this blade in her adventuring days and I’m going to use it til the end-- OOH +1 sword!” *tosses important blade because it is now useless *.

Roleplay-wise, it would be important for the player to find a good weapon or runesmith and have a good connection to some magical Sage or source.


I just had this same thought as I was reading through C&S, that there didn’t seem to be a way to make a weapon magical except through enchanting it. Has anyone tried just adding a new customization like “silvered weapon” or some such to create a 3-cost weapon that was capable of damaging creatures resistant to physical damage? It’s certainly the more boring option IMO vs the enchanting route, but might make sense for certain characters or settings.


Cold Forged weapons is an option, though not strictly magical.

I feel like all silver weapons would cost the same as a normal bladed weapon but have the Breakable limitations (as silver is brittle). You could require some sort of MAGICAL effect for 3 Hero Points, but that is if your GM is very strict with that. I feel like that’s more of a flavor description and availability issue where the Blade Smith can make you a Deadly Cold Forged weapon using techniques passed down by their masters and it being a finely made blade (no magic) or find a mad runesmith that takes a cold star and a precious memory of yours and imbues Magic for those effects. Keep in mind that anti-magic can be a thing, so that can render magic items just normal mundane.

Compare a Hattori Hanzo Sword vs Flametongue. The Hanzo blade is not magical but will work in anti-magic. The Flametongue will be firey and powerful but might be rendered mundane in supernatural cold or anti-magic fields.