Magic memory slots vs inventory slots


I don’t get what’s the benefit of having an spell occupying an inventory slot or attaching it to an item instead of having it on memory like basic sorcerers do. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something…


Basic sorcerers can only learn spells from the spell list. It’s petty magic without a huge investment in HP. They cannot create or use custom spells. They can improve basic spells.

Anything more sophisticated requires choosing either the Mage or a full wizard path that has certain requirements.


Understood. Thank u very much.

Also I have another question about magic. Page 86 says “Conjuring a wild spell requires 1 full turn” This means that you can cast the spell the same turn you conjure it or you have to wait to your next turn?


1 Full Turn means that the player cannot do anything else during that turn (no Hurry option).


So you’ll need another turn to cast? Don’t sure if conjuring implies casting or are separated actions.


There are things that can be done like quaffing potions or drawing weapons that do not require an action. While you are trying to cast wild magic, you cannot do any of those free actions either OR be in a hurry to do something else. This means that by dedicating yourself fully, you will conjure your spell (assuming you succeed the casting roll).