Lycanthrope character in C&S



I prepared a Lycanthrope option for one of my players as Core Ability or later infection. Glad to hear community opinion on it.


You are cursed with Lycanthropy and not entirely human.
Gain the FERAL skill at 9.
You can use FERAL in place of three relevant skills for your beast form, e.g., SCOUT, SURVIVAL, and HUNTING for Wolves.

You can manifest your BEAST FORM for 1D4 ROUNDS, but you need to roll to resist FERAL instincts.
To resist, roll ABOVE FERAL to avoid losing control of your actions.
Failing, the FERAL skill increases by 1 and roll from the FERAL IMPULSES table or negotiate with the GM.

During the BEAST FORM, you gain:

  • CLAWS: Unarmed Attack inflicts 1D8.
  • FAST: Use the HURRY action with no penalty.
  • ELUSIVE: +4 to DEF and EVADE.
  • (Lim) EXHAUSTION: Physically exhausted after and cannot activate BEAST FORM again until after a safe rest.

These BEAST FORM effects are for Wolves, adjust depending on the beast type.

If FERAL is crossed off, the transformation ends.
Additional benefits to the BEAST FORM cost 3 Pts.
Take one LYCANTHROPY CURSE when the FERAL skill reaches 12, 15, and 18.
When relevant, the GM can ask you to resist the FERAL instincts.


  1. BLOOD FRENZY: Mistake allies for enemies, attacking them first in a blind rage.
  2. INSATIABLE THIRST: Transformation lasts twice as long; attack relentlessly until it ends, including allies.
  3. PRIMAL IMPULSE: Drop 1D4 pieces of equipment on the floor.
  4. AGONIZING: You maintain control but suffer 1 skill attrition due to the effort.
  5. DISORIENTED: Suffer a -3 penalty to social interactions until rested.
  6. PRIMAL HOWL: Your howl echoes far, possibly attracting attention.
  7. WILDERNESS CALL: Compelled to flee into the wild.
  8. CLARITY: Maintain control over your actions.


  • EXTRA BEAST FORM: +1 transformation per rest. Stackable.
  • PROLONGED BEAST FORM: Extend transformation 1D4 rounds with successful FERAL check.
  • DEADLY CLAWS: Add one CLAWS damage dice; they now explode on max rolls.
  • PREDATOR’S LEAP: Leap at an enemy for max damage and knockdown.
  • WILD DODGE: Ignore 1 attack.
  • TERRIFYING GROWL: Use FERAL to frighten nearby enemies without using an action.
  • PACK COMMAND: Control similar beasts; they obey your commands.
  • TWILIGHT FUR: Use FERAL to resist spells, environmental, or elemental effects.
  • LYCAN HEALING: Heal 1 skill attrition at your phase start.
  • ANCIENT BLOOD (6 PTS): Only magic can cause skill attrition in animal form. -3 penalty against resisting FERAL instincts.

LYCANTHROPY CURSE (D6) - roll when FERAL reaches 12, 15, and18:

  1. FULLMOON FRENZY: During full moons, lose control entirely for the night, initiating the hunt.
  2. CURSED HUNGER: Experience an overwhelming craving for preys. In the presence of blood or other preys, immediately rool to resist FERAL impulses with -5.
  3. PERMANENT MARK: A BEAST FORM EFFECT becomes permanent, clearly marking you as a lycanthrope.
  4. PRIMAL MIND: Suffer a -3 penalty on resisting FERAL impulse; use D6 instead of D8 for determining IMPULSES effects.
  5. FORSAKEN CIVILISATION: Stays in civilisation trigger your FERAL impulses. Permanently reduce inventory by 3.
  6. ANIMAL LOYALTY: Prioritise your animal kind above all else.