Loving the extra emphasis on art in ICRPG



There’s so much neat art in ICRPG materials, on this forum, and Discord. I’m new to ICRPG, but really loving the emphasis on art with index cards and character sheets. I’ve started making some cards for our group and also some imagery of our campaign world and a couple of the PCs. Figured I’d share some of my ballpoint pen & watercolor work here


Killer work!!! I am really glad you decided to share!!!

Also, welcome to the shield wall! We love ICRPG addicts around here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fantastic stuff ya got there, thanks for sharing :heavy_plus_sign::one:


Wonderful job! Your art has a solid style, strong compositional elements, and is technically well done (line, space, value, etc). Excellent!



Wow, your art is great! Do you take commissions?


those Charakters are on fire! :star_struck:


Thank you! Very happy to have found ICRPG, definitely loving it :smile:

Thanks! Glad to hear that :smiley_cat: There’s always a lot of elements to think of with art

Sure, so long as I can use my trusty ball point pen :pen:


Wow this is exceptionally good work, thank you for sharing. Good inspirational stuff.



Killer art! :+1:t2::zap::fire:


Noooooooo! Drawabox said to use fineliners so you’ll only use fineliners! Mwuahahaha! :smiling_imp:
Joke, joke! :white_flag:

Thanks for that, I’ll PM you for your pricelist if that’s alright with you? :smiley:


I sent you a message and I didn’t know about Drawabox - gonna share that with my art friends! I also have a box of liners from many brands, including Staedtler, hehe :smile:

Awesome, ty, always nice to hear that!

Thank you! :metal:


This is awesome to see, love to see more and hear about your campaign!