Looking for your EZD6 ideas on universal monsters



As the title says I am looking for your thoughts on stats and abilities for the Universal Monsters and other Horror creatures. I am new to EZD6 so my normal methods of adding stats aren’t up to snuff yet and I’d love to get the feel right. I was watching Van Helsing which, poor cgi aside, is always a fun time. I think it would be a really fun setting to run something like that sometime.
EDIT: I remembered I had access to Professor Dungeon Master’s Frankenstein module and that has a lot of great stuff, but I’d still love to hear more!

Vampire Brides-
Dr. Frankenstein-
The Creation/Adam-
Dr Jekyll/ Mr Hyde-

Invisible Man-
The creature from the black lagoon-
The bride-
The mummy-


Definitely misunderstood what you meant at first by Universal. :sweat_smile:

I have some thoughts to share later, but right now I’d just like to offer that I think Universal has rights to The Wolfman, not Werewolf. I could be wrong though; I didn’t look it up before writing this.


So I looked up “vampire” in the EZD6 rulebook PDF, and all it says is that vampires are immune to normal weapons, but fry in the sun. I think if we choose the sort of base vampire we want, we can build upon it to make a full blown Dracula.

Like, a standar vampire would probably still take 2-3 strikes from magical/divine weapons, but if you crit with a wooden stake, then you can drop it in one hit. They are probably hard to hit though, so set them at a 4. After that it’s a matter of giving them powers like hypnosis, flight, gaseous form, giant bat form, etc.


Tentacle Monsters= “Graboids”!


That’s a fair point on the Wolfman part. I like the vampire buffing suggestions too, thank you!