Looking for Some help with art


I’m looking for a source for art that I can use based on this artist brief.

Artist Brief: Death Rat (Tikumati) Illustration

Subject: Death Rat (Tikumati)

Style: Black and white line drawing, sharpie pen medium, similar to monster manual illustrations.

Description: The Death Rat (Tikumati) is a massive, vicious rat infested with the Kamathijau fungus, causing its body to glow with an eerie green luminescence. The illustration should capture the following key features:

  1. Size and Proportions: The Death Rat should be depicted as a massive rat, significantly larger than a typical rat, with exaggerated and menacing proportions to convey its viciousness.
  2. Glowing Body: The rat’s body should be shown glowing with an eerie green luminescence, illuminating a 30’ radius around it. This glow should be depicted using a combination of shading and glowing lines or patterns.
  3. Fungal Infestation: The rat’s body should show visible signs of fungal infestation, such as fungal growths or lesions, particularly around the mouth and snout area.
  4. Aggressive Pose: The rat should be depicted in an aggressive pose, with its mouth open, revealing its sharp teeth, and its body poised for attack.
  5. Echolocation: The illustration could incorporate visual cues or patterns around the rat’s head and ears to suggest its echolocation ability and enhanced senses.
  6. Environment: Consider including minimal environmental elements, such as shadows or simple background shapes, to enhance the composition and convey a sense of depth or setting.
  7. Style: The illustration should be executed in a black and white line drawing style, using sharpie pen medium, with a focus on bold lines, shading, and textures reminiscent of monster manual illustrations.

Additional Notes:

  • Pay close attention to capturing the rat’s menacing expression and aggressive body language.
  • Consider adding small details or textures to convey the fungal infestation and glowing luminescence.
  • Experiment with different line weights and shading techniques to create depth and contrast.
  • Ensure the illustration is visually striking and captures the essence of this dangerous, fungus-infested rat.


I’d start by looking for artists open for commissions. Lots of great artists out there making original art. :fire::metal: