Looking For Group! FULL


Mushroom Kingdom Madness

Who: 3 Brave Heroes
What: ICRPG Mario Hack
When: Friday July 12th @ 6:30pm Pacific
Where: Roll20, audio required/ video optional
Why: because of a need for gonzo 2D side-scrolling action

It has been 10 years since the Mario Brothers disappeared and left the Mushroom Kingdom defenseless. It wasn’t long before Bowser had taken control of everything.
Then the four Hats of Legend were found: the Red Hat of Strength, the Green Hat of Speed, the Mushroom Hat of Balance, and the Pink Hat of Magic. Collect your Power Ups and get to-to to to-to to it.

Comment if interested!

This round is full, but keep commenting your interest. I’m totally cool with running a few Mario games.

Character info and modified rules will be provided.

Google Link to the Mario info! Enjoy! :slight_smile:https://docs.google.com/document/d/115iZP9Ol0MdDjgc826XdKewqxL9pCHSkCPSKkYkXmyo/edit?usp=sharing


looks like fun man.


I’m interested for sure!




I’ll reserve a slot, please


I definitely am interested!


I’d like to join you, if you’ve go a free spot!


@bluearrow64 you’re spot has been reserved for a while. Super stoked to get you in a game.

@TheWunderLich you’re in! Awesome to have you.

@LC_Kaufman welcome to the party, pal! Excellent that you’re joining us.

@George_Taray of course! Looking forward to it!

I’ll get the game info to you all soon. (It needs some clean up, hehe.) Really excited to get this game going, the countdown begins! 2 weeks out feels like a long time, but we’ll be stomping goombas, or playing them, before you know it. :grin:


i would love to see some screen shot, as long as they dont give away anything. :wink:


You’ll have to jump in the next one and see for yourself @Lakins. :grin: I think @Jason_Scranton wanted to get in on this too.


you let me know when and where. july 18,19 and 20th ill be out of town. but any other week end. game on!!!


I’d love to join if you run it again!