Looking for 2-3 more Players for Warlock! gritty rules-lite rpg


Hail Shields,

I am looking for players in a game of Warlock! A gritty, rules lite game where the context of an action is just as important as the modifier added to your roll. We will play over Discord voice with a virtual tabletop during at agreed upon time (I am flexible but prefer weekday evenings EST /GMT-4 other than Wednesday) either biweekly or weekly.

Player agency is paramount. We will agree upon the opening scenario together based on the character’s created. Then, play out whatever unfolds. There is only one homebrew rule. Related to advancement. We can always add more detail where we see fit.


Earn advancement through your Virtue, Vow, and Vice. For each addressed during a session, gain an advancement. We will review and update them if necessary at the beginning of every session. Advancements are given at the end of the session by assessing the questions together.

Virtue - beliefs guiding actions. Did you act upon your belief in favor of the party?
Vow - short term character goals. Did you work towards or achieve your goal?
Vice - troublesome affliction. Did your vice affect your judgement in favor of the party?

KEYSTONES The Black Company, Dune, The Expanse, The First Laws Series, The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire, and the historical events of the 12th-16th century including the bloody 100 Years’ War

Nearly a century of war scars the land. The volunteer brigades of yester-year thirsty for gold and glory lie restless in shallow graves. An economy fueled by the spoils cannot imagine peace. Despite attractive pay, silver turns fewer heads and many magistrates prefer “compulsory service” to fill their quota of raw recruits. Cowardly press gangs conscript defenseless urban masses marching them of to this or that Barrack for flogging.

Quality varies. Demand is high. Companies of cheap, footsore beggars or pricier hard cases kitted for battle march ever to the front from their Barrack strongholds. Each Barrack claims particular specialties. Some even take volunteers. Several of the more isolated, profitable Barracks focus on breaking magicians. Officers will pay dearly for a tame sorcerer, and the Barrack Masters offer a healthy finder’s fee for delivery.

Magicians practice with prudent caution. Many centuries ago, magic was a delicate science practiced by cloistered cults under venerated masters. Now, the Rare Art is shrouded in mystery. Even ardent practitioners fail to grasp the foundations of their craft. The most successful dabblers are those who escape the confines of their ignorance with imaginative solutions and avoid the jealous attentions of others.

In these cruel times, compromise is common. Magistrates rig elections. Vicars dabble in demonology. Lenders press the poor for clipped pennies. Even the quite farmsteads far from the frontlines fortify themselves against roving bandits.

Yet, for all the depravations of mankind, bright moments pierce the gloom. Average folk, who once lived mercenary to convenient masters, conquer the mountains of their own misfortune bearing a single, fading hope: tomorrow will be better.

There is no panacea against predatory tomorrows, and no assurance of a sound rest. We strive because we are alive and will not give up.

Overview of system

Character Sheet


Link to the book (to be provided)


Might be into that! In fact another couple of friends (from London) might also be.
I’m GMT+1, they’re GMT.


Can’t join ya game, but I just bought the new traitor’s edition of Warlock! So much British old school nostalgia, this game is almost the perfect mash of Warhammer Fantasy and Fighting Fantasy.

We’ve played a few games previously, but with a few houserules, mainly we ditched the d20 for test resolution and reverted back to using 2d6 same as Fighting Fantasy and Troika!

We also use the brilliant initiative stack system from Troika! Our players love the chaos of battle, nobody is sat waiting for their turn to come around because everyone is engaged and involved even when it’s not their turn to take an action.