Living Alfheim! Queen Knife's Request


May 1st, at 8PM EST

A large sinkhole has uncovered an underground temple. Stone flimes have made this temple their home, and some strange magic is killing any of the Goblins that try to enter. The Lady of Thushum calls for heroes to end the threat of these flimes and open access to the Temple to the Goblins.

open to anyone that enjoys ICRPG
8 point Alfheim characters.
RSVP and/or DM me if you are interested.

Happy Gaming!


Would love to join the fray!


i hope that works.


I’d like a ticket for this thrill ride.


hell ya shady’:grin:


Love the two character concepts so far. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting night of gaming.


c’mon ppl the Queen needs more heroes!


Yes. Answer the call for help and come adventure in the Goblin kingdom of Thushum!


Too bad it’s frekkin 2am for me at game time :crying_cat_face:


'tis but a temporal problem, solved by strong Magic. :zap::hourglass_flowing_sand::zap:


Lol well I DID play with Thaumavore at 3:30am


@GMagnus you should really join us.


Hehe lol no it’s a workday :sweat_smile:


i totally get it. life comes first… :wink::+1:


Worst thing is that I’m off work the day Before xD


Hey! I’m pretty new to playing ICRPG but I’d love to join the game if there are any openings left :slight_smile:


hey that great, just shoot @Achris_K_Ringle a message and he can fill you in


Welcome to the party :slight_smile: