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Me and another teacher started a dnd club at the high school we teach at. So far , 54 kids rolling dice and having fun. Needless to say it started with 5e as that was all he and any of the players had any experience with. I have an opportunity to run an ICRPG campaign with one group. Any advice or suggestions of any kind?


Consider running red sword or another sci-fi game. Folks who are married to 5e might slide into ICRPG a little bit better if you aren’t running fantasy the first go round. Just a thought.


I’m partial to Blood & Snow but I agree with Alex that the Red Sword adventure is a great starting spot for new players.


Blood and snow would be fun too. Then maybe have the group find a warp shell encased in ice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Make sure they understand how much more fragile they are.


When I introduced my father and kids to ICRPG, we started with B&S and they found a Wizard’s Key that transported them to a WarpShell. They loved it.


This set of events deserves more than one heart.



I love the suggestions everyone has had so far. Here a few more things as tips.

Mechanically: ICRPG differs from 5e in the action economy, hit points, and progression significantly. As was already mentioned ensure your group understands that in a world with 10 HP, a D6 is very dangerous and a D10 is potentially a one-shot. You as the GM need to embrace it too - let the random loot flow! Whats on the body or the chest? I don’t know roll shabby or ancient loot! My kids love the loot table rolls. They are sometimes disappointing but that’s why you have more than one opportunity. Remember in ICRPG loot = progression.

My preference would be to focus the group more on the exploration of the world and street level action as opposed to super heroic clashes. More Indiana Jones than Lara Croft. Combat should be played as war, not superheroes and if they are used to superheroes this can lead to a TPK and a “no thanks” on the next game. So bottom line set expectations.

Make sure you have a good narrative and setting first and foremost and ensure the group understands the theme. Is it gritty? Are they essentially kids on bikes? Pro-tip: Don’t weigh down the session with a twenty minute explanation. Get them enough to get going and then start them off “in medias res” in the thick of it. Prisoners, shipwreck, something and make a clear goal driven by that beginning. Ship wreck - “where are we and how do we get back?” Prisoners, “How do we get free and get out of here!”

Another good resource I’d point to you towards is the advice from old Sly Flourish on how to run a single game well, in “Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master”

This is a great chance to get these players to see other TTRPG systems and get their curiosity peaked for new realms of imagination! I’m excited for you!

My two drachma,