Last Flight of the Red Sword



Looking for clarification or ideas related to Last Flight of the Red Sword.

In the descriptions of key moments of the adventure, they talk about a massive three part (way) corridor that is the center of the vessel.

One line reads “explosives to sever command module”

Is this meant to be one possible item that is present? A suggestion or does the author assume the explorers will blow the command module off of the ship?


I see it less as an item to interact with and more as foreshadowing when the players reach the bridge (where the captain is). The idea probably was to evacuate to the command module before shooting the mutants into the Darkstar.

But you might make it an item for the players to use later in the adventure because I don’t see it being of use anymore. Still, why or how will be for you to decide!


It became a litter clearer when I actually read the intro paragraph, lol. It clearly states to use what you want and toss the rest.

As I continue my ICRPG education, I feel a sense of wonder and creativity like never before. Its an odd sensation to have an engaging framework presented to you and the option to take it in any direction you want.

The ideas I already have to make this adventure my own are exciting and wonderous.


I’ve looked at some playthroughs by both Kane and Hank himself.

I think you want to make it clear that the entire structure beams and ceiling is covered with this after they discover it. But, they can interact with it, take just enough of the explosion to blow up an enemy or door or …

If an explosive fight is happening in the room, their is always a chance of the explosions going off, blowing a hole in the hull and drawing a vacuum. This could also happen after a wave of darkstar energy.

Have fun with the adventure, it can go in a lot of ways, and I’m looking forward myself to running it a second time!