Last Flight of the Red Sword VTT Setup



Hello, wanderers!

I’ve spent the past few days putting together a map in Foundry VTT for Last Flight of the Red Sword. I’d like to share the resplendent gourds of my labours :smile:


Amazing setup! Thank you for posting! It is super epic.


Hey ! Really cool ! :slight_smile:


I’m loving the colored tiles and lighting in the VTT!

When I ran this for RuneJammer, I didn’t use the walls and lights mostly because I wanted to stick super simple for one-shots, but given the time and effort you put into this, I would definitely run it. You should export it as a FoundryVTT Compendium Module.


Thank you!

Just ran the adventure and thought I’d jot down some insights.

The session began with fog of war enabled. But once the players hacked into the ship’s terminal, I revealed the ship’s entire layout. The reveal was a spur-of-the-moment decision, partially motivated by the fact that I realised how aimless things might get without an obvious objective In the end, this ‘early game’ fog-of-war approach was something my players praised after the game.

My conjecture for why this ‘early fog’ worked well is that players can handle more complex environments to the degree that their goal becomes straightforward. Had I shown my players the entire ship from the start, they might have asked – which of these rooms matter? Do we have to visit all of them? Which should we go to first? To my mind, these questions are signs of boredom. Without a straightforward goal (e.g. get to the engines to pull a lever), there is no way to put together a coherent interpretation of how so many rooms relate to the task at hand.

In sum, environment-derived complexity and objective-derived complexity tax the same player resource – their attention. From this idea, we arrive at a somewhat counter-intuitive conclusion: adventures with open-ended objectives demand straightforward environments, and vice versa.

Per @FilBot3’s suggestion, I’d be happy to make this a Compendium Module. I should note that I’ve used Xeno Dead Zone assets for this map. Thus, does the forum have an honesty policy or a process of some sort to ensure that maps like these are not used as a way to sneakily download parts of Hankerin’s DriveThruRPG content? I’m more than happy to share this map – I just don’t want to accidentally break the rules / norms in place!


Looks awesome! (and the bigger hearts turned out great).


Ah, I forgot to share the most important part of the setup – the aftermath!

The wreckage below is the aftermath of our session – the Dark Star summoned two demons; the Kitt Mechanic hacked Gargantua, operating it like a Pacific Rim mech. Sneaking into the garage, two players hijacked a buggy, performing drive-by killings of Xenos. A pair of Torton bounty hunters – who had died in the first act of the session – returned from Hell. These Hell-captured Tortons pulled a Xeno boss into the Abyss, thereby saving the players moments before the Red Sword’s demise.

It was a fun night.


Lastly, regarding exporting this map as a foundry map, it would appear that making a compendium into a module requires a bit of elbow grease. Thus, the sharing shall have to be postponed !