Knave 2e



Yo Shields!

This weekend I was able to finally get some Knave 2e play in, mostly with my son. What I’ve found is that this little toolkit is a great skeleton to add on to. And it is 100% compatible with most of ICRPG, so I thought I’d share the playtest house rules I’ve come up with(one exception, the Talents have not been playtested with Knave 2e yet, but are playtested from my Blood and Gold game).

What we found was that with these additions, the game plays like a combo of OSR/ICRPG/ShadowDark/Crown and Skull in a lot of the best ways! Simple and streamlined, with ways to customize both spells and gear! Check it out and let me know what you think!



I should also note that you should have access to Knave 2e in order to make the most use out of these house rules. Skal!


Wow, it’s like you read my mind with the timing of this NRod!

Knave 2e pulls together a lot of mechanics I’ve been loving or looking for across my favorite systems (attrition, exploration support, lots of room for player creativity), but I’ve been looking for something just like this to add a bit more detail to character customization/progression.

Thanks for posting - I’m definitely incorporating these ideas into my homebrew ICRPG/Knave 2/ShadowDark system.


Nice! I’m happy you found some useful stuff in there.

I’ll update the document every month or so as I tweak the House Rules as we continue playing.

Let me know how your game goes!