Kids ravenloft game 1


Session 1 create characters and intro to mechanics!


That looks like a lot of players!

God speid! o7


Yeah there were about 7 kids. Made characters up, went over ICRPG rules. First board is entering Ravenloft where they got ambushed/learned mechanics and asked questions. Searched area found a note with only the name Strahd on it and some money. Found some healing potions and had to do different checks to open the gate to enter Ravenloft. Second board is guard house and entrance to the castle and they are just being ambushed but will learn the secrets of Ravenloft. Sun sword, holy icon, and the Heart. Main goal is to rescue Ireena and kill Strahd. It was so fun and many of the parents watched and said it was way better then any version of D n D they have played. Thanks to everyone on this Forum for help and encouragement.