Keep on the Borderlands ICRPG (Roll20, Text-only, $1/session)


EDIT: Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get enough players for this game. Thanks everyone who was interested!

Hey all! I’ve prepped the classic KEEP ON THE BORDERLANDS module and written it up in ICRPG! This is a LFG post for the Roll20 game, here a pitch and some metadata:

Pitch: Come play the legendary D&D module with a shiny new paint job, and a new engine under the hood! You’ll base yourselves at the Keep, from which you will explore the savage wilderness, fight monstrous creatures and partake in a living world mini-sandbox that will adapt to your characters. The characters you meet will react to your choices, and story nodes will evolve as play progresses. There is no prewritten endgame. Your fate, and that of the Keep on the Borderlands and all the Lawful East it protects, is in your hands.

  • ICRPG! (20 customizable, pregenerated characters to choose from using custom class rules to simulate the old school D&D feel)
  • Platform: Roll20 text-only play, with Discord assistance. We won’t be using voice, just text. We’ll still have maps, tokens, and visual aids, as well as soundtracks via a Discord bot since Roll20 gimped their music
  • Focus: Combat & Exploration
  • Players Needed: 5-8
  • Schedule: Weekly on Saturdays, 2-6pm EST & 10 minute break in the middle (Starting on 3/16)
  • Cost: This is a paid game, $1 per session (or 25 copper/hour)
  • Roll20 Link: [game has been canceled]

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please give the Roll20 LFG post a look for more information on how I run games, some expectations, and to post character ideas! If you have any questions, feel free to post below or on the Roll20 LFG post. :slight_smile: Game on!