Junk'd hacks


I was wondering has anyone has done a full lap version of junk’d with corners etc or is that getting a bit too Gaslands? I have got a few ideas this could get bigger soon. Just in case someone has had the same thoughts…


well. I would ask why… JUNKD purposefully avoids simulation… adding to it clogs up the works designed specifically not to get clogged up…whats your mod?


I had an idea how calamitous it would be with two straights and corners. The cars all moving to inside lanes with a engine bonus of one d6 for the inside lane. I would keep exactly the same controls but use a d4 zones around the corner 1, 2 for inside lane 3 is outer zone and 4 hits the outer barrier and junk’d. You didnt make the corner. I think that would be absolute mayhem. Lovely. Roll a tyres d6 coming out of corner to see which lane you get for the straight. Just a idea but I like it…add in a few guns, rams and we have a wonderful carnage…ah