Judge Dredd


As a huge Judge Dredd fan I’ve been working on a ICRPG version of the Judges for a game I would love to run in the near future. I haven’t play-tested it yet but I’m proud to share what I have done so far. Anything that jumps out that wont work? I added a few traits just to give the Judges some variation. The right side of the sheet has some extra info on the equipment and bike as well for easy reference.

When I’m ready I will definitely ask here and on Discord for interested players. :slight_smile:
I live in South Africa, so the time zones might be a bit of a pain, but it would be awesome to find some players.


That looks pretty rad. Definitely interested in giving it a go.


Super nice sheet! Very clean.


Agreed, very clean sheet. Nice job :+1:


From initial glance, I am having trouble recognizing the ultimate as a d12…but its prolly just me.


Thanks guys.
It was suggested on FB I up the traits a bit more. What do you think?


Drokk it! This work is mega-awesome! Nice and clean. I like having useful information on the right side and accessible on the character sheet. Well done citizen.


Looks Great! I loved to play this!