Itabashi Aru (Star Hack) @ RuneJammer 2023




GAME SETTING: Star Hack, an original set of genre-specific rules for heroic space exploration adventures using ICRPG Master Edition
GAME GM: Christian Bynum (Chris AKA Li’l C)
DESCRIPTION: Who in blazes left you in command while on patrol this close to the Neutral Zone?! One of our neutronic freighters has gone off course for reasons unknown. You trained for emergencies like this back at the Academy, but your current situation feels a lot more…REAL. Set sail among the stars on an action-packed rescue mission that will test your true character as a Spacefleet officer. This is a heroic space exploration adventure scenario in the tradition of Stark Trek, featuring my original Star Hack genre-specific rules for ICRPG Master Edition. A minimum of 4 players will be required for this game. Certain in-game advantages will be conferred to the participants who sign up first—so claim your seat in this session now!—but everyone will have a good time as we explore the final frontier together.




Index Card RPG (ICRPG) enjoys vigorous growth and a devoted following, now two years after the release of its definitive Master Edition.

In celebration of this anniversary, the Runehammer fan community invites you to join in an unprecedented online gaming event—RuneJammer 2023—an entire week of ICRPG play opportunities and live workshops, with over 50 game sessions offered by our fantastic community contributors.

It is our sincere pleasure to feature EZD6 creator and tabletop gaming legend DM Scotty as a Special Guest GM for a number of RuneJammer sessions.

RuneJammer 2023 welcomes complete newcomers to the RPG hobby as well as gamers of any experience level who want to discover ICRPG’s fast, flexible system, and it features all five adventure settings included in Master Edition—Alfheim, Warp Shell, Ghost Mountain, Blood and Snow, and Vigilante City—offering a wide variety of unique roleplaying adventures presented the Runehammer way.

Join us online from August 24th through 30th for some truly exciting gaming experiences offered around the clock—session participation and system quick-start rules are completely free of charge!—and you’ll see why ICRPG has earned its reputation as an easy-to-learn, easy-to-run alternative engine for all your RPG fun.

Sign-ups are open now through game day! Reserve your seat at the tables today! (Join Discord to register and participate. Waitlist participants will be notified when space becomes available.)

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Official information is posted at—follow the link below.

RUNEJAMMER 2023 UPDATE: Thanks to the kind generosity of Monomakes Dice and Runehammer Games, we now have raffle prizes when you play in our upcoming online gaming event. Each player participating in a RuneJammer session on game day automatically receives a chance to win one of four Mystery Dice Bags or a special Treasure Chest including a copy of Master Edition signed by the author himself! Tell a friend! Visit and sign up today!


PS: Good morning, Shields! I hope those of you who have attended have all had tons of fun at RuneJammer in the first day and a half of this event!

So far we have FIVE brave Spacefleet officers who are boldly going to try to save the Itabashi Aru… Who else will join them on Monday night? :thinking: (Starts 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern)

We have met the minimum of four players required to run this special late-addition session, and there are still THREE seats available on the bridge! Come help these guys out! Tell a Trekkie :vulcan_salute: you know about RuneJammer today!)


Any chance of that resched?


Hey there. Thanks for your continuing interest after the power outage that canceled our RuneJammer session.

I got a chance to run this scenario in person over the Labor Day holiday weekend, and it was fun. I made some notes.

I am going to retool Star Hack just a bit to tweak some of the character generation slightly, but any character submitted for this session can be easily adjusted to work.

I will look toward the first week of October to see if we can reschedule, and RuneJammer participants who were signed up will get the first ping to opt in. After that, I’ll open the game up to folks here on the RH Online forum.

My plan is to run this session periodically for this community in the future.


Cool beans! Happy to hear it
I appreciate your dedication to the game and I hope to be able to participate
Thank you :pray: