"Into Bits and Bytes" (ICME Cyberpunk Oneshot)



I’m looking for 3-4 players for a Cyberpunk-themed ICME Oneshot.

  • We’ll be using ICVTT
  • and Discord for Voice and Video (either on RH discord or the ICRPG community server)


  • “Cyclone Inc.” controls everything: factories, research, law enforcement, medicine, food
  • 93.6% of the population have cyberware augments
  • moving a consciousness to another body is exclusive
  • buildings are getting higher, alleys are getting darker
  • there is nothing outside city, just nuclear wasteland

HOOK: You’ve signed in for a dangerous, infamous neuronal racing simulation. 1st price gets a custom sleeve.


  • let me know until Thursday (1 day ahead of game night)
  • create an ICME character and token (drop token and name here as your “sign in”)
  • freeform bioform, ability, starter loot and basic loot (e.g. use Altered State)
  • augments/cyberware are loot choices


Here are two example characters for those who are unsure. Those are just ideas :wink:

Demolition Export "Bobby Blast"

  • DEX +2, CON +1, INT +2, WIS +1
  • Tool Effort +1, Gun Effort +3
  • Bioform: “Cyborg with Human Brain” (CON +1, INT +1)
  • Starter Ability: Bigger Blast (reroll 1s on gun effort)
  • Starter Loot: Explosives Kit (throw or time fuse, Gun Effort, vehicle-level damage see Hard Suit)
  • Loot/Augments:
    • Reflex Augment (DEX +1, roll easys to stay on feet)
    • Polyresin Skeleton (DEF +1, HP +5)
    • Hypo Spray (heal with Tool Effort, 3 uses)
    • Handgun (DEX, Gun Effort)

Psionic Boy "Jimmy Jackass"

  • WIS +4, CHA +2
  • Basic Effort +2, Magic Effort +2
  • Bioform: “Human Experiment” (CON +1, WIS +1)
  • Starter Ability: Roll recovery with any State
  • Starter Loot: Focus Beacon (gain 3 psionic powers, roll WIS to cast; reassemble in 1d6 rounds when destroyed)
    • Crush (deform or pulverize, WIS; Magic Effort)
    • Hurl (throw with force, WIS)
    • Suffocate (strangle with WIS, target drops dying)
  • Loot/Augments:
    • Shifter Grafts (CHA +2)
    • Cyber Optics (WIS +1, 5x zoom)
    • Katana (STR or DEX, Weapon Effort)
    • Thrown Blades (DEX, Weapon Effort, return when thrown)


Update: 3 of 4 slots filled (in a discord thread), 4th slot may be filled soon.

But let me know if you’re interested too - I’ll probably run another oneshot in the near future.


I played in a pirate game of yours a while back and would love to get into another game. Time is about 4am for me. If you ever run one 2 hours later I’d happily join.


I’ll keep that in mind for the next oneshot :shield:
You are japan-based, right? I remember you I think :slight_smile:


Yup, that’s right. I might be kind of forgettable though lol. Happy gaming until next time!