Interesting: a conversion guide



What do you guys think?

P.S.: I am not the author, the link leads to an article with the author’s name on it!


Agreed to a degree, it’s not like this community isn’t open already! XD




Hey gang, Ronny over at Dungeon Master Assistance put together the above 5e/ICRPG conversion guide. It’s really outstanding, and he is a great guy as well — super responsive. He also took care of any copyright concerns … mainly just some accidental copy/paste from the ICRPG book. So, no issues.


On first read, it’s an interesting attempt but a bit off the mark for my tastes. For example, while there are four Tiers available, I would have a hard time dividing them equally across five levels. You can see this reflected in the starting rewards where some of them make no sense from a conversion POV.

Looking at the Ranger, for example, a fifth level Ranger would also be eligible for an Extra Attack, so why do some classes get Extra Attack but the Ranger doesn’t? Why does the Ranger have Quick Draw instead of Extra Attack? While some could argue it’s for flavor, I would say that it isn’t really a conversion because it doesn’t follow the same rules. Take the Monk who gets Extra Attack for free then, for some reason, chooses WIS or DEX attacks.

All in all, a decent document, and I’m glad to have read it, but I’ll stick with my own.

Also, for those of you that don’t want to spend money into the 5E economy : here’s a link to the 5E SRD for your own perusal and conversions.


Well, for my tastes, I’d rather just play straight up ICRPG. 5e is still too granular on the player side, which is one of the reasons you end up with so much scaling bloat by level five.

But I do appreciate attempts to try to tame that monster. Lol.


I withdrew my post since that was my chief feedback.

Thanks, @Alex.

@BlazingPolyhedron - didn’t mean to sound terse or rude if I came off that way!


Ah nice. Well done, sir.


I agree with @Alex on the conversion… just play ICRPG style… you will never go back!

I have done my fair share of conversions and D&D was always one I never completed just for that reason… there is just too many rules for everything. Keep it simple, convert on the fly, make a note in your journal bout the ruling, and…

Game On!


You didn’t, don’t worry. XD


The players cheat sheet is nicely laid out in this though!


I’m trying to get my 5e group into playing ICRPG and this guide seems like an excellent teaching tool to give examples of mechanical counterparts and conversion into the ICRPG system - like species bonuses and abilities and the range conversions etc.


@axegun Here’s how I converted my group over from 5e to ICRPG back in the day. It was a bit more of a streamlined approach …. You don’t need a whole doc to do it. That above doc is more of a mashup.


I managed to get some of them to play a one shot to test out mechanics and some were more interested than others. Ideally I’d like to stick with easy and hard as roll modifiers but comparing it to advantage as sort of an analogous example - like here is the ICRPG equivalent of advantage - in so much as it is the main target variable of dice rolling that increases or decreases chance of success and much like obtaining advantage is always preferable - getting your rolls to be easy is also preferable.