Innovative Mechanics Original Ideas



Picked up The Outer Presence
This is a great concept for D6’s and easily converted for D20
Written by Venger Satanis the concepts are brilliant fun.
So many cool tables
Highly recommend picking up …Blood Dark Thirst
Alpha Blue
and Crimson Dragon Slayer.
Great inspiration that have helped spawn.
So many ideas.
They all use the same D6 idea.


What is Crimson Dragon Slayer about?


Crimson Dragon Slayer is a fantasy setting that riffs heavily
From classic fantasy sword sorcery & planet late seventies and 1980’s
Hawk The Slayer , Yor , Beastmaster, Heavy Metal,
It uses simple mechanics and has some great Gonzo ideas.


I’ll get they’re free pulpless version “Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11” to check out the rules. It even includes an adventure. :thinking:

PS. loved they’re motto:
“Welcome to Kort’thalis Publishing, where awesome is nine-tenths of the law!”


Please let me know what you think.
C.D.S I’ve not ordered yet
It’s in my Amazon Cart
Have got lots of Alpha Blue
Pure comedy gold.
Might not want to leave around for children to find though.
It’s definitely 18+

Have got the Outer Presence book.
It’s wonderfully an ideal for the Halloween season.
That was a 15 + book.

The Master from V.S is C’halt I’ve not got that yet.
It’s a D20 Mega Pyramid Dungeon
Need that in my life.
Unfortunately it’s not available as P.o.D


Oh man! I had forgotten about Hawk the Slayer :smile:


Jack Pallance legend love all the useless effects it’s a classic bit of trash.