Inkarnate noob attempts to make a big map :/


So after messing around with Inkarnate for a couple of days I’ve decided to start the epic task of converting my continent map to a nice Inkarnate map that can be edited as we play.

Phase 1: take a photo of the map i drew months ago.

Phase 2: upload map image to notion.

Phase 3: download from notion to laptop.

Phase 4: upload image of map as a stamp on inkarnate.

Phase 5: make the map stamp semi transparent.

Phase 6: trace the outline of the land masses of the map using a mouse (not a real mouse).

Phase 7: finish map with allllllll the places and terrain that’s on it.

With limited tech you just gotta work with what you got.
(I just started phase 6)


work in process, always changing things.
currently looking like this:


This looks great! Looks like a great place to explore. I am intrigued by the lava river. Classic.


Thanks dude.
All I truly know right now as our games haven’t gone there yet is that the volcano has a city built around it called infernos (original I know lol). Something happened there that cause it to continuously flow to the ashen wastes in the middle of the map. This is the site where bahamut and tiamat destroyed each other and scorched the land to end the time of the dragon gods and scatter magical energy across the lands and into the ground, which Is now where the power of magic comes from.