Injuries! Narrative Nuances



As a cursory look will tell you, the beauty of Hank’s system with items and skills taking the blows from foes, is that it inherently forges a fun story in every failed defense roll (or evade/resist). I am starting my own campaign this Sunday (first time hosting VTT) and wanted to make a little helper in describing these action sequences on the fly. Plus, what GM doesn’t love a table?!

*Equipment descriptions are more vague and categorical, allowing loose interpretation
*Skill descriptions are attempting to connect cause-effect, keep in mind the extra implications for some of these causes (like not being able to hear at all, limited speaking, etc.) - when in doubt “blow to the head” or “blow to the hinge” seems to cover most things


These are great, thanks for putting it together, I’ll definitely add this to my GM tools.


These are great ideas. Thank you for sharing!


These are great. I encourage to narrative their own attrition (with helpful suggestions from the other players) so I might share this with them for inspiration for a session or two.