Ideas for Sun Amulet when choosing Crown



We are at the precipice that will decide the path my players will take for the remainder of the campaign!

My Stoutfolk Ancient One wizard is debating on what to choose and he asked me if he chose the Crown, what effect does the Sun Amulet have on vampires and how does the Sun Keeper skill work for dealing with Vampires.

They are currently based in Slimshire and have thwarted some of the Blood Drinker cult as well as unfortunately Lord Royce’s plans.

The book states that 1d4 round of exposure to direct sunlight will kill a vampire outright. How would you handle that with the Sun Amulet or the Sun Keeper skill?

I think that because the Amulet states that it holds 1 burst of sunlight that it has a 1 in 4 chance of killing off any vampire within its far radius (Vampire would roll to see how long it can resist, and if it rolls a 1 it dies immediately). I would also probably say that if the vampire is wounded and about to turn into smoke for hitting 0 HP, then the Sun Amulet can guarantee it dies instead of flees.

What say you?


I like the idea of treating the Sun Amulet as one round of exposure to direct sunlight. This could lead to fun challenge where the players all have Sun Amulets and they need to activate one amulet each round for the 1d4 rounds to take out the Vampire.

Or it might be that they worked out some other way to hit the Vampire with sunlight but that gets blocked one round before the vampire would be killed so they active the sun amulet in a final glorious blast of sun light to finish off the vampire.


The way I see it go down is that if there is a vampire in the vicinity and they use the Sun Amulet, 1d4 is rolled to see how many rounds the vampire can resist direct sunlight. If they roll a 1, then INSTANT KILL. If not, then heavy damage based on what is rolled:

  • 2 = 50% damage
  • 3 = 33% damage
  • 4 = 25% damage

Unless they have another way of extending the sunlight or providing it through another Sun Amulet.