ICRPG Warp Shell: A Mysterious Gift~



Countdown: https://a.chronus.eu/197EB30
October 29th, at 1600 EST on the Beer & Pretzel Discord server, contact me for the link!

Following last session’s explosive finale, the Warp Shell has brought he crew back to the Dyson sphere for repairs. While the ambassador attempts to convince you of some dire danger, a Zurrin monk approaches with a glowing gift in hand: a celestial shard! He only asks for your help in some matter, in exchange. Do you accept?

• New players welcome!
• Opportunity to upgrade or change your character if you’re a recurring player!
• If you join, we can negotiate the time and date of the game! Let’s rock!
• Contact me for character creation guidelines!


This sounds awwwesome. Is there still space for another player?


Four more spots now, yes! See you on the server!


Bump! Looking for another player, at least! :smiley: