Hail from the UK! I’ve been into ICRPG for a while now but find it hard to get games or players in the UK. My D&D group are very set in their ways with 5e. I was wondering if setting up a ICRPG UK Facebook group would help? A. Help find players near me and B. Maybe even attract new members to the shield wall. I know there is already a few FB groups so I’m not sure a UK group will do any more but it’s just a thought and I really wanna play some ICRPG!!!



Idk, a UK group could be beneficial.
If it doesn’t take off you can always
Leave a pointer to a more active group
And let it go dormant…


Bournemouth calling from the UK. Yes I think it is worth a branch out. Maybe find the more local ICRPG’ers. Who knows who is about just across town!!


I’m in Kent (Tunbridge Wells) - I don’t use Facebook but, I see no reason not to do it.

I’ve got a regular bi-weekly game that I’ll shift to ICRPG or a hacked version of VDS in the autumn when my current campaign Wraps up - I would be keen to play in an ICRPG game or two ahead of that and I’m also keen to expand my circle to have more DMs to nerd out with!


Although the games will more than likely be online, you might want to try either the ‘ICRPG Community’ Discord server - https://discord.gg/eAekkemM

Or the recently created ‘Across the Runiverse’/ ‘Alfmarches’ server. Read more at the following post - https://forums.runehammer.online/t/across-the-runiverse/6260

The former being Europe based and frequented by many UK-friendly timezones, while the latter explores an alternative (from my experience at least) way to look at an ICRPG campaign as a series of oneshots and has different DMs, players and is sure to have a lot of variety.

Good luck finding a game, regardless of the avenue you choose!


Count me in!



If anyone is interested here’s the link to the ICRPG UK Facebook group. Not exclusively for people from the UK but more focused on ICRPG in the UK, meeting up face to face or online with more UK friendly timezones.



I requested to join. I’m all about spreading the word of runehammer :metal:t2:


We need more of you chaps in Alfmarches!


East Anglia here …


Birmingham (close enough anyway).

We gotta get a game going at some point. A one-shot at least.

My rl is too busy right now, but should calm down come September.