ICRPG TAG HACK - Personal taste and TAG mechanics



Personal hack I have been working on for ICRPG. Attempting to provide complexity in play from simplicity on the sheet using TAGs and intuitive mechanics. No intention of publishing. Any feedback or questions please share. It is an early draft, but I believe the scaffolding is good. In particular, I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on the THREAT system.


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I really enjoy running and being in games where your actions and choices make you more of who you are. At a glance I like what you have done here and if I can get more time I’ll chew on it a bit and see if I can find anything


May I ask what font are you using? TIA


Red October for headers and Arial for text.


Awesome Hack, I look forward to seeing it in play. Breaking spells out in to having int be the number of spells but wis be the power for the spells is something I haven’t seen before. I see a lot of 5td influence and a icrpg grade distillation of what made that system interesting with the supply and having each stat account for a significant ability of the character.

the description on pg 4 and the included character sheet have conflicting accounts of what wis and int do for power / number of words

Have a glossary of the terms used. I saw the term FREEFORM rest in the dying section and didn’t see it mentioned anywhere else, I assume that is just when players are sitting around doing whatever out of combat but clarifying doesn’t hurt

the +effort system is a bit confusing if the actions are providing a flat bonus per fiction element or if its going up the d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 chain as a bonus to the base effort used in the fiction


Include a sample character and a snippet of how actual play would go between a player and the gm.
have some example tables for the new additions like legacies to inspire while reading



  1. TY typo there.
  2. Added clarification and glossary
  3. added clarification around the +EFFORT system. good call

Working on a sample character sheet


Sorry to revive this thread, but I’m really interested in a tag system, and the current Google Drive doc is missing. @Jack_F can you please reupload you hack?


What’s the THREAT system?


THREAT is an EFFFORT TARGET. Often associated with a die. Roll EFFORT greater than the THREAT, the enemy dies. Tougher enemies can take several hits. Then, when the enemy goes, it rolls THREAT for EFFORT.

Like the TARGET for a room, it is an abstracted general THREAT of the scenario. THREAT can change and take damage just like a TARGET. How to balance and adjust this is very similar to position and effect in Blades in the Dark. The lower the TARGET the better the overall position of the Players. The lower the THREAT the better their overall effect in the scenario.

You can even place a die next to the TARGET to remind them. TARGET is 12 and the THREAT is d8.


I am curious. Why have both a target and a threat? Seems redundant or I am not getting the concept… I assume to allow the players to affect either one?


THREAT was heavily influenced by the idea of position and effect. That things can be highly controlled (low TARGET) but still still limited in effect (high THREAT). Another opportunity to get creative with how EFFORT is employed.

Mechanically, it is just a substitute for HEARTs and enemy EFFORT which requires no tracking of progress. Beat a threshold, your EFFORT succeeds.


So die type = threshold? If threat is D8, you need 8 effort to destroy/defeat?


yup exactly! the same logic behind sharing a TARGET. A number to beat. Takes away some of the number crunching details from a monster, which I know many enjoy, and leaves them TAGs which differentiate them beyond their THREAT die. Even changing the THREAT for specific enemies.


Ok, that’s cool. I think if you want to make this usable for a larger audience, the exact mechanics of this system need to be made explicit in the write up.


It was in the hack itself. but the link is broken after I cleared my google docs. Looking back, I made other parts of the hack too complicated I think. Defeated the purpose.


Been there - DONE THAT!! :smile: