ICRPG Play By Post on Discord - The Golden Harvest


Hi everyone,

I’m putting together a troupe to head into some madness of play-by-post ICRPG style.
The pace will be a bit more measured, the style is tight crafting with breathing space.
But there WILL be action and chaos.

I’m looking into Alfheim, and my natural brain lore is quite heavily Warhammer influenced. If you are into those feels I’ll try not to disappoint…

We are starting light with a banquet set out on this isolated farm in deep ruralside.
What could go wrong?
Pop over and take a look if your interested, it’s fine to drop in, drop out.


New players still welcome

The game is underway, but if anyone is passing through the Greenways in Alfheim, they could easily stop by. :smiley:

Don’t be intimidated by the wordiness of it. I’m trying to be overly descriptive to give players plenty to play off.
I might be over-doing it, I’m learning as I go.

Even if you pop your head in (in character), say 5 words, then we never hear from you again… that’s perfectly fine. :smiley:
It still adds life and activity to the game.

There is plenty of possibilities to get your heroes or villains into the game.

We are indeed In Alfheim.


The Westburg militia may have been patrolling the region… dangerous incursions from the Deadlands to the south west?

Dare I say it, we aren’t that far from Nemedia, should any rangers be taking respite!

Magic users may simply be passing through to see the mystic carvings to the south east.

I’ve also got anyone covered in case that an exit strategy is needed.
I don’t want anyone to feel like joining in ties them up for weeks of a slow pbp game. :smiley:
It can be unfortunate if you leave someone hanging in conversation… but you might find you just aren’t feeling it a few rounds in.

At any point, one can just let me know via direct message, and an easy escape into the shadows will be presented for you.

I’m planning to journal the happenings a bit in this thread also for anyone that’s just curious what’s going on.


Could be your last chance to see Mistra Sweetheart and the epic Coronealius - fabled sitar player.
Performing what could be their last ever gig at the Durayan Farmstead.

Lord Mushka, praise this event with your blessed compostiness!

Don’t miss it! Join the party!


I’m just starting a PBP game through Discord as well, but I’m unsure what tracking solution to use for player’s character sheets, loot, combat (map or theater). What’s your setup like?


Brute forcing it at the moment, just journaling everying, but I’m putting in the effort.
Feel free to drop in and spectate.
I am planning to share my design methods later, possibly some youtube’s and a postmortem at the end.


The music continues, the players have just uncovered the dark truth about the banquet, ‘A human eye bobs to the surface of a soup bowl.’

We have a brave Dwarf Captain, who loves to roll 1’s with his Amulet of Kings.
A Hardy Country Farmer with a magic lantern. Seperated from his 7’y’o boy.
…And a stalwart Hillfolk Giant, who just smashed a guys head between two kegs of ale.

Only a few complaints so far… these have been lodged with the Chef. :stuck_out_tongue:

A full on Barn Battle is about to commence!

I’m still looking for a couple more players to join us for Act II, which should start within a week or so.
Gives you plenty of time to settle in, create some characters, and join the crew.

Feel free to pop your head in and have a mooch around.


Our first boss battle… who want’s to see this matchup!?

Who would you bet on?
Time to break out the calculus!?


Dun is one chunky boi :wink:


Lol. Just like his player! :rofl:

This game has been a ton of fun!


Trying to learn something from the Ink Master.
6th attempt at “Garrick Ash-Hearth” our Dwarven Commander with his cursed Amulet of Kings in our play-by-post.

Things got a bit crazy when 2 groups came together.
10 playing now, and it’s open terrain madness…
I need to put these guys in a dungeon tunnel asap. :smiley: