ICRPG Loot Generator



I created a loot generator for ICRPG. You can select how many you want and is set to “random” loot. You can change between Starter, Universal, Ancient, Shabby, Cursed, Epic, Bizzare, and Magical. Hank granted his permission to share with the forum.

You can check it out here.

I would love to add to it and also create other types of generators.
Please provide feedback to improve the generator.


Looking pretty cool! Well, maybe try some Court tables from Godbound? :smiley:


Cool, great job. :+1:t3:


dang I was working on this over on perchance (dot) org but wasn’t quite done yet

yours looks great!


Thank you. Let me know when you finish it. I would like to check it out


Like it a lot. Monkey that laughs at inappropriate times. LOL


Really nice! Kudos mate, this is a useful tool. The “how many” is a nice touch too