ICRPG in London, UK


I’m looking to start running an ICRPG campaign in Putney, probably Monday or Wednesday evenings.

It will be fantasy but I want to wait until I have actual players before doing any world building.

Let me know if you’re in the area and want to join in!


Mate! Are you kidding? I’m from Putney.

But now I live in Barcelona. :frowning:

Hope you find players. Don’t forget the Community and Runehammer Discord servers (the latter is no longer Patron only).


Swing by the Duke’s Head next time you’re around!


We had our first session last night with three players.
A caravan load of dried fish was raided by bandits but they were struck down with blades and spells.
If anyone else is in the area and wants to join in let me know.


Anything happening 7th-9th?
I’ll be in town visiting


The pub is booked out until after Christmas so we might play online for the next few weeks.


We have been playing on Wednesday nights for a few weeks now, I’ve got three players and I’m looking for one more.

The setting is a fantasy version of the silk road, with a lot of overland travel by caravan.


No worries. Thanks anyway.